Hikers in Maui can chose from trails that allow for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous workout.

There are plenty of options for those who want to strap on the boots and head out into the great blue yonder of Maui’s abundant views. Where you go will likely depend on your skill level and what you’d like to see.
Visitors to Maui often chose the Martian-like terrain of the Haleakala Crater and it’s over 30 hiking trails. If you’ve got it in you, the 10-mile Halemauu hike to the floor of the crater offers some spectacular views and interesting ground underfoot. If the distance is too daunting, the first mile is level terrain and takes you right to the crater’s rim. Those that stick it out can traverse some steep declines and rough lava. There’s another 10-mile trail at the crater as well, the Sliding Sands trail, that begins at the Visitor’s Center (and at 10,000 feet) and heads toward the base of the crater and the Paliku Cabin.
Almost every stop along the famous Road to Hana offers hiking trails. Usually, to see what you want to see, you’re going to have to hike to get there! A good map of the Road to Hana with descriptions of each mile marker will be your best guide. There’s also the Hana – Waianapanapa Coastal Trail in the town of Hana, which, as its name implies, follows the sharp-lava-filled coastline. The three-mile hike starts off at Kainalimu Bay, and two-thirds of the way down you’ll come upon Waianapanapa State Park. With all of the beautiful coastal scenic views, you may find yourself unconcerned with your sore legs.
Everyone likes to hike to a waterfall – and Maui has plenty of those. However, the waterfalls aren’t often easy to find. Often, hikers chose to go with a local hiking guide to make sure to see them. There are several companies that offer such tours, so do your research so as to know which guided hikes will offer what you want to see. Plus, if you’re anxious about hiking on your own, this is the perfect solution.
Whatever your method or wherever your destination, hiking on Maui won’t disappoint those looking for great views and sightings of native species.

Haleakala National Park