Lahaina Hotels

With plenty of exquisite restaurants, shopping and a bustling night life of Lahaina, many travelers want to stay close to the action. There are over 30 Lahaina hotels on Maui providing the perfect vacation stay for any budget, while being in close proximity to what Front Street and Lahaina have to offer.

For travelers who are looking to stay as frugal as possible, there are many Lahaina hotels that meets their needs. Most of these hotels are also walking distance to all of the action on Front Street. We recommend staying at one of the following hotels:

If you are looking to take it up a notch and stay at a nicer Lahaina hotel, there are plenty of options for you. These hotels we recommend and come with nicer amenities such as bigger rooms, nicer pools, and closer to the beach.

Of course, Maui would be the place that it is without offering some of the most exquisite and best resorts in the world. The following hotels and resorts are close in proximity to Lahiana and offer all of the amenities that any traveler would want on their vacation:

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