Maui Hotels vs. Maui Condos

For many travelers looking to book trips to Maui, it may be difficult to know if they should stay in a Maui Hotel or in a Maui Condo. Here at we break it down for you and help you make the right decision.

There are plenty of factors that help you make the decision on what suits your traveling needs the best. Staying in condos are usually great for the following:

  • They are great and more cost effective for larger families and groups.
  • More privacy
  • Best suited for longer stays
  • Saves some money by cooking some of your own meals in bigger kitchens
  • Condos are truly a home away from home

Of course, plenty of travelers love the amenities that hotels offer:

  • Close proximity to restaurants and other amenities within the hotel
  • Smaller groups or couples
  • Usually, nicer pool areas depending on what hotel you are staying at
  • Maid Service
  • Better suited for shorter stays

Bottomline, whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with where you stay in Maui.