Road to Hana

Take your Dramamine and your best driving skills to tackle the famous Road to Hana. The narrow, winding coastal roads may be a challenge to navigate, but the reward of beautiful scenery and breathtaking views will make it all worthwhile.

Here are some tips for your trip on Highway 360, 52 miles down the Old King’s Trail, which starts in the town of Pa’ia.

GO SLOW. First, because the road is sometimes treacherous, featuring one lane bridges just around sharp corners. Secondly, you – and everyone else on the road – will want to see all there is to see (and there’s a lot to see.)

BE CONSIDERATE. If you are being closely followed by someone who clearly has someplace to be, let them pass.

PLAN AHEAD: Get a good guidebook and chose which stops you’d like before-hand, so you’re not driving on a winding road and trying to read a map at the same time. The earlier you get your start, the less traffic you’ll have to deal with. Plus, this is not a road that you want to be driving at night. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have a full tank of gas, some bottled water, and bug spray (for the above-average-sized ‘skeeters on the hikes.)

BRING YOUR CAMERA. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and disk space (or film).

What should you see? Well, that’s really up to you and your interests. However, there are some top spots that you’ll want to be sure and include.

The mile markers on the way to Hana increase in number. After passing Hana, the mile markers decrease in number.

MM 11 - Haipua'ena Falls – it’s a medium challenge hike to the falls

MM 12 - Kaumahina State Wayside Park – picnic tables and restrooms

MM 17 - Keanae Lookout – beautiful photo opportunity

MM 31 - Helele'ike'oha Falls – also known as Blue Pool. Nice waterfall with swimming

MM 32 - Wainapanapa State Park – rocky coastline views and the black sand beach

Town of Hana – stop for lunch, maybe do some shopping.

MM 50 - Koki Beach –a red-sand beach with excellent surfing.

MM 49 - Hamoa Beach – possibly one of the most beautiful beaches along the way

MM 46 - Wailua Falls – great photo op of the 200-foot waterfall

MM 42 - The Seven Sacred Pools – about a 15-minute hike, and bring your bathing suit

MM 41 – The Grave of Charles Lindberg – He designed his own final resting place.