Atlantis Submarine Adventure


Departure Time:

o 9:00am
o 10:00am
o 11:00am
o 12:00pm
o 1:00pm
o 2:00pm

The biggest attraction on Maui is below the ocean, and the Atlantis Submarine Adventure is your ticket to see it! Your once-in-a-lifetime undersea adventure in an Atlantis Submarine takes you into a spectacular blue world in spacious comfort.

After a 15-minute trip to the dive site, you will board an Atlantis Submarine, the world's first and most technologically advanced passenger submarine. On your 45-minute underwater adventure youÂ’ll see coral reefs and marine creatures.

To enhance your submarine experience, and help improve the marine environment, an artificial reef was created in December 2005. An aged replica of a 19th-century supply vessel was anchored to the sandy sea floor in an area that was devoid of coral reef. The resulting artificial reef is developing into a self-sustaining habitat for indigenous fish, coral and other marine life.

From December through May, you may enjoy whale watching during the ship-to-shore journey as humpback whales make their annual migration through the warm Pacific waters.

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Atlantis Submarine Adventure